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  • Open Entry

    23 October - 20 November
  • Contestant

    22 November - 04 December
  • Semi-final

    05 December - 12 January
  • Final

    18 January - 29 January

Terms and Conditions

Sponsored by the Car Design News (CDN) and GM Design Center Creative Resources, the Interactive Design Contest is an opportunity for United States high school students to win fabulous prizes while learning about exciting career opportunities in transportation design.  Students will design a Cadillac Vehicle Concept for the year 2030. 

The contest is open to United States high school students in grades 9, 10, and 11 and a United States citizen.

Students will design a Cadillac Vehicle Concept for the year 2030 and will choose their journey – their vehicle type, their journey setting, describe their ideal journey, create collages of their journey/vehicle inspiration, provide rough sketches, and describe how their vehicle belongs to the Cadillac family.   

Important Dates

Submission Detail

Open Entry (Phase I) – October 23 – November 13, 2017

Student Registration (with parental consent)
Portfolio of images and videos that you have created – non-automotive work is acceptable in this phase (5 best pieces in one PDF not to exceed 10 mg)

Contestant Phase I ends – November 20, 2017

Contestants announced – November 21, 2017 


Contestant (Phase II) – November 21 – December 4, 2017
•    Contestants will tell their vehicle story

Students will select one vehicle type from: 
•    Vehicle Type A – YOU drive, you are an enthusiast, you want to be in control and feel the road, driving is part of your journey 
•    Vehicle Type B – the CAR drives itself, you want to stay connected and enjoy the ride, you use the ride to prepare for your onward travel, riding in this autonomous vehicle is an essential part of your whole trip


Students will select one journey setting:
•    Setting 1 – New York City, your journey keep you within city limits
•    Setting 2 – Inter-City, your journey entails commuting city to city
•    Setting 3 – Transcontinental, your journey gets you from point A to point B on a long-distance ride

Students submit their entry (which could include sketches; mood board; videos; and renderings) via contest website

Contestant Phase II Ends December 4, 2017
25 Semi-finalists announced – December 5, 2017


Semi-Finalist: (Phase III) - December 5, 2017 - January 12, 2018

•    GM Design mentors will provide feedback to contestants

Contestant Phase III ends – January 12, 2018

Announcement of 5 finalists to all contestants via website (January 17, 2018)


Final Submission:  (Phase IV) – January 17 - 29, 2018

Final project summary:
o     7-10 pages in one PDF document consisting of your Cadillac vehicle story
o     Submit all contest entry materials through the car design news website; format:

Students will describe their ideal journey:  
•    Pages 1-3 – Using choices from the two items above, students will tell their journey story, being as descriptive as possible (500 words or less):
o    What do you want to design for this journey?
o    How many passengers does your vehicle carry? Who are they?
o    Where would your passengers take it? (City, suburbs, long distance travel)
o    What are the dimensions and proportions of your vehicle? Why?
o    What ingenious and innovative features will aid in your travel journey? 
o    List what you wish you could do with/in the vehicle 

Students will create an inspirational image collage:
Pages 4-5 – Make a collage describing your explorations and what you want your vehicle to do
o    Include inspirational images of lifestyle activities, people doing active things, gear and products, places, etc.
o    Visually show us your journey and what inspires it – set the mood for your travel journey 

Students will sketch their ideal adventure: 

Pages 6-8 – Provide preliminary / rough side view sketches, using their favorite medium (pencils, ink, paint, CAD);
o     Grab your favorite medium and get sketching; rough sketches are acceptable; refer to the resources section for helpful information and links to tutorials on sketching

Students will present their Cadillac vehicle story:

Pages 9-10 – ‘What makes your journey vehicle a Cadillac?’ Post your images on Car Design News by December 5, 2017
o     Brand consistency is important
o     When you purchase something from one of your favorite brands you expect certain characteristics
o     Your vehicles should look like it belongs in the Cadillac family
o     Research the Cadillac brand and Cadillac customers
o     Use what you learn and tell us what planned features or capabilities make your 2030 vehicle concept a Cadillac

Contestant Phase IV ends – January 29, 2018

Online Web-ex presentation to judges (5 contestants Week of February 5, 2018)

February 12, 2018 – Announce top 3 winners via Car Design News website and receive a trophy, in addition to the prize information below.  


1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place Prizes: 
Three winners will be awarded as follows:  
•    iPad Pro with pen
•    Three-week summer camp at the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, Michigan from July 8 – July 28, 2018 (food and lodging included; transportation to CCS is not included) 
•    Visit to GM Design Center to meet with select team members during the College for Creative Studies three-week summer camp

Legal Requirements
•    By submitting an entry, each Entrant agrees to be bound by these Official Rules and that his or her entry conforms to the entry guidelines and restrictions set forth in these Official Rules (“Entry Requirements”) and that GENERAL MOTORS (“GM”) may, at its sole discretion, disqualify him or her from the Contest if GM decides that his or her entry fails to conform to the Entry Requirements or any other provision of these Official Rules.  GM decisions regarding application and interpretation of these Official Rules shall be binding and final. 

•    Each Entrant into the Contest (and his or her parent or legal guardian, if the Entrant is under the age of majority in his or her state of residencea [a “minor”]) hereby irrevocably grants, transfers, assigns and conveys to GM, its successors and assigns, all present and future right, title and interest of every kind and nature whatsoever, including, without limitation, all patents, design patents, copyrights, and all rights incidental, subsidiary, ancillary or allied thereto (including, without limitation, all derivative rights) in and to the entry for unlimited exploitation throughout the universe, in perpetuity, by means of any and all media and devices whether now known or hereafter devised. GM shall have the right, in its sole discretion and without owing any additional consideration to Entrant, to edit, composite, morph, scan, duplicate, alter, use or otherwise exploit each entry for any purpose which GM deems necessary or desirable, and each Entrant irrevocably waives any and all so-called moral rights they may have therein. Each Entrant hereby acknowledges that such Entrant does not reserve any rights in or to the entry. If GM shall desire to secure additional assignments, certificates of engagement for the entry or other documents as GM may reasonably require in order to perfect ownership of GM’s rights in and to the entry, then each Entrant agrees to sign the same upon GM’s request therefor.

•    Submission of the entry or any prior or subsequent related entry submission creates no obligation whatsoever on the part of GM, whether legal, implied or otherwise (whether of confidentiality, compensation, return, use, not use or otherwise).

•    Each entry and any related entry submission to GM are not confidential. GM will have no confidentiality obligations whatsoever with respect to this or any prior or subsequent submission to GM. To the extent that any part of this submission or any prior or subsequent submission to GM is marked as "CONFIDENTIAL," "SECRET," "PROPRIETARY" or with other words to that effect, such notations will have no effect and will create no obligation whatsoever on GM.

•    Each Entrant certifies, to the best of their knowledge, all of the ideas in this and any related submission to GM are not the property of any others besides the named Entrant, and all the information furnished to GM is true and correct.

•    Each Entrant certifies they are not violating any agreement or understanding with another person or party, including my current or former employer, by providing this information to GM.