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Fast elegance Noah m Rippetoe

an American Hyper car Made for speed and taking corners. I enjoy the beauty of the Europeans super cars. However I am a fan of cars made in America. I want this car to be able to go from a cars and coffee straight to the race track and be able to put up a good fight.

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Comments on this project

Abhijeet Kumar 14 December 2016 06:26:18
I appreciate the fact that you are taking the challenge to do a American Hyper car that puts up a good fight in the track. Well ! American Super cars are second to none specially with the context they are built. I understand your inspiration but you still need to put things in right perspective to explain how your concept is a new one and not a “me too” sports car. Who is the target user and what is his life style in 2030? Cook up a convincing story with bundle of cool sketches to demonstrate what you have been thinking. Meanwhile try to explore concepts in different directions and then we can choose one of them to refine further. Thanks!

Noah m Rippetoe in reply to Abhijeet Kumar 20 December 2016 13:10:39
Thank you I will look into thinking of another direction to go

Máté A. 10 January 2017 01:33:51
Cool story and ideas!
You could possibly focus more on refining your sketches

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