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2030 Cadillac Elevate woodmanben

An autonomous and electric SUV that seats and sleeps four passengers.

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Dave Heyne 30 October 2017 14:35:37
Great sketch technique! Keep that up, for sure. To improve your sketches, focus on capturing luxury SUV proportions in your designs. This batch of sketches looks a little compact car-ish.

Who doesn't like a good nap, as you're gently whisked to your destination in comfort and opulence? The idea that your autonomous luxury car might serve the same purpose as a sleeper car on a train is definitely a fresh one. As someone who hates long-distance travel, and would prefer that someone just tranq me, so I can just pretend I teleported to my destination - but is paradoxically incapable of sleeping in cars, buses, or planes for some cruel and unjust reason - how might your Cadillac coerce me into the reluctant arms of sleep?

Thanks for posting, and keep feeding us nice sketches!

woodmanben in reply to Dave Heyne 30 October 2017 20:55:10
Thanks for your advice. I'll keep in mind larger proportions when sketching to better convey size. I will also do some interior and packaging sketches to show how the car enables passengers to sleep.

Junia Lapp 02 November 2017 16:37:09
Congrats for your sketches, really cool. I thought very original the idea to focus in a sleeper car. How can we experience that in 2030? Think also about the user privacy when sleep, well being experience like lightening, temperature, noise cancelling, aromas and massage seats. How can Cadillac offer an unique experience. I can't wait to see your ideas. Good luck.

Brian Yu 11 November 2017 22:30:53
wow, love the line strokes on your sketches, You seem to have excellent feel for creating some dynamic / well-proportioned lines.
Keep on sketching I must see more!!

HDKdesigner 14 November 2017 07:56:53
Hey! Great start! Because your sketching technique is already really advanced, I would recommend challenging yourself to come up with a story for your vehicle. When there are tons of other options for autonomous vehicles in the future, why would someone buy yours? What can the passenger in your vehicle do that they can't in any other car? Answering the question as to why your vehicle exists at all and what make it an essential part of the passenger's life can go a long way to make your design meaningful. It's not as fun as sketching, but doing some research is super important and can help define the shape of your vehicle. Something else that I would challenge you to do is break away from traditional proportions. If your vehicle is autonomous and isn't powered by a traditional internal combustion engine, then there isn't any reason it has to have the same proportions as cars today.

woodmanben in reply to HDKdesigner 16 November 2017 22:09:33
Hi Davis!

Thanks for the advice. I agree that coming up with a strong background for the car is a great idea. Getting into why I put in certain features will enhance the design. How would you recommend I do this? Is it better to do a comic-like series of sketches that outlines the life of a typical customer, or should I just describe these reasons in an essay?

HDKdesigner in reply to woodmanben 17 November 2017 04:31:42
A comic style storyboard is perfect for showing how your customer/passenger would interact with the vehicle. If your up to it, definitely give one a go, especially over an essay. Also, it's totally fine to make up an individual/ user profile for someone who would buy and use your vehicle (i.e. This is Sam, he's a lawyer and he wants to buy this car to have a mobile office, etc), just don't focus too much on that one person. Try and find a group of people (one which your individual customer belongs to) and design the vehicle for them. Since this is Cadillac and it is a luxury vehicle, the group could be anything from silicon valley start-up CEO's, to politicians, to surgeons. You can design it for a couple of these larger groups if you want and think they will have similar needs from the vehicle. So, essentially, define your customer first, then crate a story board that shows how your customer interacts with the vehicle. As a side note, something that isn't as often explored in regards to autonomous cars is what they can do when the owner isn't in them. You can come up with some pretty unique ideas for you vehicle if you think about this as well.

woodmanben in reply to HDKdesigner 17 November 2017 22:31:13
Sounds good. I like the idea of giving the car some purpose outside of driving its user... Perhaps a ride sharing system like Elon Musk has mentioned, or maybe some package delivering thing. Thanks again for your help.

Chris Mikalauskas 15 November 2017 19:56:58
Great energy in your line work! You have a decent understanding of perspective, which is a hard obstacle for many to overcome. I would push you to try and sketch more dramatic proportions. (Wider, lower, leaner, etc...) Look at modern concepts that have come out recently and start to understand what makes them look good (or bad!) Keep it up!

woodmanben in reply to Chris Mikalauskas 16 November 2017 22:11:00
Thank you for your input. I'll do some proportion studies and see if anything stands out.

NAVR 20 November 2017 14:34:59

chasecooper41duramax 13 December 2017 15:10:09
Amazing sketches!!!!!

PRANART 18 January 2018 11:49:54
Congrats, hope you make it to the top 3!

MasonTRoss 22 January 2018 00:23:17
Hey Ben! I love the most recent sketches you’ve put in but I do have a suggestion based on the design language of Cadillac. If possible, I think it would be beneficial to add vertical headlights/ daytime running lights, just to keep consistent with the current “look” of the brand. Other than that, keep up the great work!

woodmanben in reply to MasonTRoss 23 January 2018 01:28:58
Thanks for the tip, I'll try making the high powered beams vertical in my front-end render.

electrox 23 January 2018 01:03:58
Hey man. Your sketches look great. Keep up the great work. Maybe ill run into you at school sometime.

woodmanben in reply to electrox 23 January 2018 01:34:03
Thank you. Hope to meet you as well.

DJ Pomilban 29 January 2018 04:10:46
Love the renders! Good luck!

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