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Design a pickups that resist any type of environment whit space for food drink and napping, enough for at least a week.

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Nuevo Leon


Katie.Fromm commented on this
18 January 2017
Uriel commented on this
11 January 2017
Daniel Schmeckpeper commented on this
09 January 2017
Daniel Schmeckpeper commented on this
09 January 2017

Comments on this project

Daniel Schmeckpeper 09 January 2017 19:47:33
HI Uriel,
I really like your front and rear theme views. (Very Fresh!)
Would you please clarify: Is your vehicle inspired by the Mars environment, or is it a vehicle specifically for use on Mars?

Daniel Schmeckpeper 09 January 2017 20:03:01
IF Mars, then it would be really cool to see your interpretation of how the uniquely specific needs Mars environment would reinvent the exterior of the automobile.

Uriel in reply to Daniel Schmeckpeper 11 January 2017 22:09:33
working on that, thanks a lot!

Katie.Fromm 18 January 2017 18:54:30
Very cool idea, I think it's really outside the box! Your renderings also look fantastic, I love your use of color and texture.

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