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This 4 door SUV is a comfortable, practical, luxurious, off roading beast that has a sleek round and futuristic design, built for all elements.

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Bishop Kelly


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19 January 2017
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02 January 2017
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13 December 2016
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12 December 2016

Comments on this project

Eduardo Okamoto 13 December 2016 20:42:16
Your sketch has a nice proportion, render and looks really good as a SUV. Just try to next step, explore some more ideas/proposals, some other views for understanding how the car going to be in rear view for example... Keep it up!

Terence 02 January 2017 03:37:45
All I can say is your concept looks astonishing! Nice work!

doeway in reply to Terence 19 January 2017 22:49:25
Thank you. I appreciate it!

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