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Ian's Impressive 2030 Chevrolet Entry Ian

When I heard about this car design competition, I did try to design some sort of cars and I tried a lot. It is actually not that easy if you want to design something great. So I really want to learn this specially skill. I love drawing and designing. Here is one sketch of my car design and some of the art work I did (including a clay tea pot I did last year). Hope you like it. Thank you!

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Comments on this project

Eduardo Okamoto 13 December 2016 20:12:16
You have a great perception of Lighting and Shadows, seeing your hand / face sketches. Try to explore it, if you can, on your car sketches, thinking how going to be the "volume and shape" of the car, with some Lights and Shadows.

Ian in reply to Eduardo Okamoto 20 January 2017 07:22:26
Thank You for your graceful comment, Mr.Okamoto. I added three more pieces of a new design and put more volume and shape into it. It also shows how I generated this idea. See the 2rd to the 4th attaches. Thank you again!

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