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Concept 2030 Chevrolet Vehicle FlaviusC

I believe what a car needs is dependability, and a distinctive design which inspires a person to get behind the wheel. You can find many unique and interesting shapes that can spark emotion everywhere, but for me, especially in an urban environment. My concept is a car heavily influenced by the city in which it mainly presides in. It appeals to the professional person with either filled schedules or some recreational time. With a self driving feature this car would allow a person to venture through the city with ease, confidence, and in great comfort while still having the tools to do their job, chat with friends or deal with business on the go. Its important for the average working professional to enjoy their time in their personal car so having an atmosphere of safety, reliability, and fearlessness shown with a bold, solid, and a sleek modern design is key to my concept.

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Comments on this project

Abhijeet Kumar 14 December 2016 04:03:31
I like the brief of your concept and the fact that you are keen in giving a character to the car for 2030 where most of the cars we presume will be electrified. Your collection of images with strong cues from architecture, interior spaces and urban landscaping lays the path where you want to go. Going further I would expect you to knit a story with few powerful images and very few words that keeps inspiring you and the audience.
Seems like you have be sketching cars for a while and you can sketch in different views which is always a boon. You have a unique style of sketching and your should keep that going, but I would caution you from thinking about details like grille texture, b-pillars, door handles, wing mirrors etc, at this stage which might dilute your thinking. I also feel that the idea of your car in the brief and your sketches need to align better. I would encourage you to cut loose and stretch your imagination to sketch as modern as your inspirational/mood images are. Try defining the car with minimum lines, sometimes just a simple side view works a great deal. Hope this helps and I am so excited to see your next set of sketches.

FlaviusC in reply to Abhijeet Kumar 14 December 2016 15:13:50
Thanks! Extremely helpful advice

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