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Chevy concept Jaden Canales

A sleek sports car that utilizes spherical wheel maglev technology. It would be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The "Quantum" brings a new idea straight from science fiction to reality, and with more practicality than most think. Since this vehicle will use spherical wheel technology, (thanks to Michelin for starting development and renewing my interest in such a technology.) it will be able to move in any direction since the wheels aren't subject to only forwards or backwards thanks to their shape, also with this design there will be no axle. Instead, this vehicle will use magnetic levitation to act as a suspension and to drive the tires. So with this advancement parallel parking could be made much easier and safer too, and it could even be automated. As far as the power source goes, it will use a hydrogen fuel cell system which combines hydrogen and oxygen atoms to create energy, and the only emission.... water. Yep this car literally makes it's own water which could then be recycled and separated back into it's components to increase fuel efficiency.

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Jaden Canales

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Gothenburg Secondary


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17 January 2017
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16 December 2016
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Comments on this project

Raphael Molina 16 December 2016 19:33:43
Hi Jaden, good job on thinking about futuristic concepts! Most important for this is to show a lot of sketching. You seem to have good ideas but we really need to see them in several sketches and understand how cool they can look. if you like sketching cars, lookout on the internet for some car design sketch inspiration. There is a lot of cool websites out there and many car sketching tutorials that can help you imrpooving your sketching skills. i like that you draw different perspectives so keep on doing that and maybe next time a higher quality scan/ picture will help you a lot.

Máté A. 17 January 2017 02:12:27
Amazing concept! Perhaps try to add more sketches from different views and refine your current ones

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