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The New Adventure Ibrahim I.J.

This project was designed as a mixture of modern and future concepts. It only carries the essential properties, making it the quintessential car of its kind. It will not disappoint.

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Ibrahim I.J.

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Skyline HS


Ibrahim I.J. commented on this
22 December 2016
Ibrahim I.J. commented on this
22 December 2016
Ibrahim I.J. commented on this
22 December 2016
Ibrahim I.J. commented on this
22 December 2016
Darby Barber commented on this
10 December 2016
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Comments on this project

Darby Barber 10 December 2016 18:53:54
Good start! I'm glad to see that you have a general direction that you want to go for with your project, but it would be nice to have a little more information on your concept. What does this truck offer that makes it new and exciting as an adventure vehicle - what are its capabilities? I like that your concept only has 'essential properties', I think that could lead to some interesting design opportunities. Once you establish those properties, you can start designing around what you want the truck to be, let form follow function. Great first sketch, I recommend trying some new proportions and forms that we haven't seen before, and also make your wheels much bigger! Looking forward to what you come up with next,


Ibrahim I.J. in reply to Darby Barber 22 December 2016 17:58:54
Thank you for the feedback! Here are the ideas I have come up with:
The main aspect to this concept is its control regardless of the terrain, be it extreme or on-road. Going up and down steep hills will not be a hurdle to be wary of when driving this vehicle. Both the car's hardware and software will aid in the adventure that was once only imaginable. In terms of hardware, the car only carry the essentials because it would lessen the danger of odd appendages getting stuck on trees or take up unnecessary space. Plus, it makes the car more adaptable in the diverse terrains all around the world. In terms of software, the innards of the truck will be equipped with "smart tech", meaning the truck will be able to aid and inform you of the area around you. The truck will say or display things such as "Rocky terrain 3 kilometers due North" and it will provide you with the exact location and helpful visual cues on the wind shield. The most apparent problem with this is being able to see the road ahead of you. However, the problem will be remedied with the car housing an "auto-pilot" feature that knows when to stop, be it for red lights or people. With the technology of the time the car can be enhanced with all of the aforementioned features and not be invasive. With this car of the future so much more will be accessible to the public. I will keep you posted with the other plethora of ideas I am sure to come up with.

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