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Cruze SS CraftsmanQuad19

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to view my presentation. I would like to start out with stating that I have a need for speed, and it’s pretty clear from my pictures. I want to bring a practical family car that has a weekend warrior side to market. Think of all the young fathers that are car guys that are just starting families and can’t own a performance two-seater anymore because it just isn’t practical. What if we were to take something like the new Cruze hatchback and add a performance variant. Something a little lower, leaner, and faster, but still has that practicality of a hatch back. Now for the basic answers to the questions: You drive the car, and its a city(ish) car to be driven on the street (question code A1). Driving the car is supposed to be part of the experience; like the driver and the car are one, working in sync to offer an exhilarating rush without being stupidly fast. The car can hold 5 people, bench seat in the 2nd row and buckets up front. I want to take the dimensions of the Cruze hatchback and tweak them slightly. Same wheelbase and width, but I want to lower it so it rides maybe an inch lower. Something that could be considered innovative is a DOHC turbo v6 with the head flow direction reversed (the exhaust will dump into the V between the cylinder banks which will help to eliminate the turbo lag. Intake runs from the intercooler to an intake manifold on the outside of each cylinder bank, direct injection), CGI block construction with cast iron cylinder liners to save weight, and a paddle shift/automatic dual clutch transmission. I want to have a reliable car that can be driven to work daily and still be fun to drive. Another point I’d like to bring up is to leave some meat on the bone performance wise, so the car can be upgraded and tuned if so desired, but not so much so that there isn't a difference between the base Cruze and this. I want to design for this adventure because I go through it every day. Just driving to school in my 2000 Impala, I’m trying to have fun. Being the first out of a stoplight, being able to cruise comfortably at 70 on the freeway; both of which it can do, but it just needs a little more oomph, and a little more stopping power with a little less body roll, all while dropping a few pounds. This car could potentially be a direct competitor to the Honda Civic Si, which is highly sought after in the tuning world. Lightweight, agile, quick, good tuning potential, good weight balance, low center of gravity, and sporty; The Cruze SS could be all of these (or possibly Cruze Z26?). I want clean, crisp, edgy lines on the exterior. Minimal vents and badges. Mostly Angles that direct the airflow to the few vents there are. I like the look of the 2013 Volt’s tail lights and the overall lines, and would like to incorporate some of its styling into this. LED lighting, bold presence with razor sharp lines. Not boxy and not round, but angular and looking slightly angry. Hopefully this has helped you to envision what I see in my head, and hopefully I will have a computer draft of my design to show you soon!

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Comments on this project

Abhijeet Kumar 14 December 2016 04:49:20
I think that your brief is very serious and heartfelt. It has got a socio-economical angle to it which makes it very interest and challenging at the same time. Your image board is promising with a little pencil sketch, but you need to come up with a strong storyline and the mind blowing sketches you have been working on to support your concept. Great start !

CraftsmanQuad19 in reply to Abhijeet Kumar 15 December 2016 15:40:44
Thank you for your suggestion, I will get to work on that!

CraftsmanQuad19 in reply to Abhijeet Kumar 06 January 2017 01:02:55
Whereabouts do I enter my longer storyline? Should I screenshot it and post it as an image? The short intro won't let me post more than about 60 words. I have some tech specs as far as drivetrain and dimensions are concerned as well.

Abhijeet Kumar in reply to CraftsmanQuad19 10 January 2017 12:38:17
The storyline can be a single collage board which explains the car you are doing. You can also use very few key words if that helps. The most important thing is still the car drawn in various perspective angles to show your design.

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