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2030 Chevrolet vehicle design David Park

I chose my adventure type to be more like Vehicle Type A because I believe that driving is part of the adventure and I prefer to drive rather than just sitting and enjoying the ride. The setting for my adventure is Setting 1, city because I find more interest in sports cars and the city like settings matches better with the sports cars. I am interested in designing how the Chevrolet Corvette will look after 30 years. I plan on keeping the Corvette’s basic proportion constant and instead focus changing the outer appearances of the car because I believe the Corvette’s current proportion makes it different from other cars which can be a huge advantage. The Chevrolet Corvette in 30 years would be a 2 seater sports car with trendier looks.

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Comments on this project

Daniel Schmeckpeper 12 December 2016 16:16:22
Great Sketches! Nice to see you sketching perspective reference lines to set up your sketch in order to achieve realistic perspective views. This is essential as you develop as a car designer. Keep it up! Keep cranking out sketches! You won't regret it. I would also encourage you to start collecting reference images of non automotive product designs you really love, and let them inspire you as you sketch.

David Park in reply to Daniel Schmeckpeper 13 December 2016 06:43:35
Thanks for your feedback. I will keep your recommendations in mind.

Davit 16 December 2016 07:25:47
Your design and the shape of the car is very futuristic!

Daniel Schmeckpeper 03 January 2017 14:55:30
I'm looking forward to seeing more great work posted!

Máté A. 04 January 2017 20:39:22
Really nice and dynamic sketches! Cool wheels as well

Austin S 12 January 2017 01:18:20
Great sense of perspective. Keep it up!

HDKdesigner 15 January 2017 00:57:51
I really like your line work in your sketches. It is very fluid and organic. Your work is overall really good, but there are just a few things I noticed that might help you improve it. Your ellipses in the second sketch don't quite match the perspective of the car and this causes them to look like they have positive camber. Try mirroring your sketch to help you notice the areas where perspective might be a little off. Your renders are really good, but adjusting the color balance might make them a little more visually interesting and possibly add more depth. If you have photoshop, hit Ctrl +B to adjust the color balance. If not, you could try adding a filter. Try changing the color of the background as well so the car doesn't blend in and get lost in all of the gray. Adding a bright, contrasting background and reflecting it onto the surfaces of the car that face it is probably the biggest way you could improve your renders. Great work so far!

woodmanben 23 January 2017 23:50:37
Really great work! I'm awed by your ability to render so well... It's something I really would like to learn. The only suggestion I have is on your side view that you rendered, consider extending the nose of the car a bit so the wheel is not the furthest point. It should help your proportions a little. Regardless, this is really good, keep it up!

Chris Lisle 25 January 2017 00:11:17
Love the last page you have! It has a cool feeling to it and lets people see different views on one page. The one thing I would watch is the degree of your wheels. Awesome work!

Angelina🌙 26 January 2017 00:03:58
I like the design of your car it's very futuristic looking.

MasonTRoss 27 January 2017 01:43:27
Your last page of designs look awesome! maybe try and dial in on a specific design and work off that, and make that into its own idea separately. I think that could help define what you want to do for your final design.

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