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Design Portfolio Racer4life1122

I hope to create a stunning, sporty, efficient, and practical sedan for the city. I also want the driver to feel connected to the car by driving it and not being driven autonomously.

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Comments on this project

Abhijeet Kumar 14 December 2016 05:24:16
I like the idea of having 3 different version of the same car, but you must realize that it is 3 times the effort as well.... just kidding ! Great start with the side view sketches and the seat sketch as well. I would suggest you to collect some images that you might want us to see and imagine your up-coming concept.
I also suggest you to explore different ideas in all views and develop more 3D forms in different perspectives. You can also go through Youtube videos to learn more about perspective drawings specific to cars. Overall I would say a passionate start and hoping to see more sketches in different views.
Caution !! - Try to stay away from cars that we have been seeing on the road or internet. Drawing details at this stage distracts you from focusing on the main body (Form) so try and use bare minimum lines to sketch the car. Use sectional lines to define the form further if needed.

Racer4life1122 in reply to Abhijeet Kumar 14 December 2016 21:44:36
Thank you for the tips that you have given me. I will definitely take your ideas into account and work on it for the next phase

Racer4life1122 in reply to Abhijeet Kumar 15 January 2017 01:22:58
I just wanted to let you know that I took your ideas and tips into consideration. I tried different angles and a 2 point perspective. I also added my inspiration for my design. I am working on the interior of the car. I would like to know what you think and improvements that I can make.

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