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Concept Design for The Car of 2030 danieltsukada

I envision an electric car with a unique, modern design, and optional self-driving capability. I plan on designing a sports car with some new aesthetic aspects to give it a futuristic but somewhat familiar feel. So far I've contemplated having the tail lights be one long strip. I also like the idea of incorporating sharp geometric lines into the design. 13 years in the future, hopefully electricity will be on the road (haha) to replacing standard oil based fuel as the main power source for cars. Also, the possibility of more cars with autopilot options is strong. If more vehicles have reliable self-driving capacities, hopefully crash frequency and severity will be minimized.

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Comments on this project

Sam Kenny 12 December 2016 14:50:01
Hey Daniel, your work is looking good! i really like your pencil sketches. For this phase of the contest, I would stick to pencil, instead of digital, because it will help you develop more ideas quickly. I would also take a little time and develop a concept board with some inspiration besides cars, I find when I do this it helps me make unique and interesting designs. You can definitely sketch, but lets see what your concept is!

Chris Lisle 20 January 2017 03:32:51
You have some cool sketches going on. In some of them, you have some cool fronts and backs that work well together. The one thing I would have to same is try to draw bigger. Also don't be afraid to use pen, it will help create more confidence in your drawings. Other than that awesome job!

danieltsukada in reply to Chris Lisle 20 January 2017 07:17:18
Thanks for the feedback. I agree that I should try to draw bigger. Also I'll probably get some pens sketches going on soon, although Sam Kenny recommended that I use pencil. In my opinion both are good options, pen especially so for building confidence, like you said.

JerryJi 21 January 2017 04:20:53
Love you sketches so much!

danieltsukada in reply to JerryJi 21 January 2017 04:48:32
Thanks dude

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