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The future Jackyng

A car can hold 1-5 people, the car is not too big. First the car gonna be safe, and it can drive in water(the black line around is the inflatable cushion, so if anything happen that can save the people in the car) and fry(the triangle on the side of the car will push out a wing that make the car can fry). Also the car doesn't use oil, it use battery and it can use more that two days, also on the top of the car, it can use the sunlight to changer the car too. I know the car doesn't look that good but it can use in a lot of ways. One last thing is that the car can't be cost a lot, just a normal price that everyone can be able to pay for it.

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Comments on this project

Eduardo Okamoto 12 December 2016 19:35:04
You have a good understanding about the views of the car (Side/Front/Plan Views) which will help you to visualize and create your sketch. Next step would be try to put it in some nice perspective view and let your mind create other solutions of shape and forms all the innovations that you mentioned like for example the inflatable cushion.

Alexandria 17 December 2016 21:14:44
I reccommend that you look up on YouTube or the internet some car proportions (wheel to wheel proportion and car height) it will help a lot with making the car look more realistic.

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