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2030 Chevy concept "Live With Eleutheromania" Savatman

Cars are meant to be sexy like the human body, and I specialize in sexy females, so I'll bring a new perspective to car design with the background I have.

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Reno High School


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03 January 2017
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15 December 2016
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12 December 2016
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Comments on this project

Daniel Schmeckpeper 12 December 2016 20:00:50
Great start! You have a awesome pencil technique and an acute sensitivity in rendering the human form! These are great qualities to posses when designing automobiles! Continue to practice incorporating that same high level quality and pencil technique as you sketch cars and you will quickly become just as proficient in sketching cars! I can't wait to see more sketches. One other note: as this is a corporate sponsored project if possible I would recommend removing slide 12 "Sexy Jane" from this posting.

Savatman in reply to Daniel Schmeckpeper 15 December 2016 02:52:10
Thank you! Haha that's my old signature Savvy Jane but yes I will remove it.

Daniel Schmeckpeper 03 January 2017 15:26:58
I can't wait to see what exciting new sketches you have created!

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