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A modest luxury car for commuters, families, and long distance travelers. Railroader76

This design incorporates elements of classic luxury and performance cars, combining them with modern features and amenities to create a car that can comfortably transport people in style. This car is designed with elements from the Cadillac Coupe Deville, Ford Crown Victoria, Chevrolet Corvette and Caprice, and the Plymouth Gran Fury. I envision it being a little more aerodynamic than I could draw. The most important thing about the picture though is that it shows a rough design for a luxury car. Obviously, with fuel prices, environmental regulations, and buyer tastes different from the heyday of many of the cars I took inspiration from, it would be necessary to probably have a shorter, more aerodynamic hood, and a more aerodynamic rear. Right now my design for the trunk is mostly a cross between the Cadillac Coupe Deville and Ford Crown Victoria, with some elements of the 1960s Corvette. One feature that is unique is the grille. It is intended to point outwards and be flanked by headlights, like the Coupe Deville, but on a hood shaped more like the Caprice or Crown Victoria. I'm thinking that headlights like the 1980s Kenworth T660 would fit best with the design of the car, because they combined traditional truck headlights, which just stuck out of the fender, with headlights from aerodynamic cars, placing the turn signal on the corner so as to only require one bulb. I'm thinking for the rear that I would like to have Cadillac ATS tail lights for a sedan, or Escalade tail lights for a station wagon. For radio or CB antennas, I think it would look best to center the antenna on the trunk, but with new radio antenna technologies, it will probably be possible to integrate the antenna into the car. The final design is based partly off of the VW Beetle and Porsche 911, which would allow more storage space and a sportier look. I'm also thinking of the possibility to do a rear end similar to that of the Ford Capri MKII or 1970s Chevrolet Nova. Semi-Finals: I thought more about the design of the car, but not only from the perspective of a car enthusiast, but also as an intended user. I decided that two big things that I wanted this car to have were an adjustable ground clearance, and lots of customization. Adjustable ground clearance would let you lower your car when traveling on smooth roads, improving gas mileage, and let you raise your car the the height of a small SUV or possibly pickup truck, thereby allowing you to drive through mud, sand, and snow, and offroads. Additionally I want the car to be powerful enough to tow a boat or camper, and when not towing be capable of accelerating like a BMW or Mercedes. Secondly, I want this car to be customizable. Not just in that you can choose the color and interior, but also modify the exterior. I want to be able to have a very simple, economical base model which you can add features that you desire to. For example, you could add a vinyl top, chrome bumpers, a spotlight, hood mounted mirrors, an exterior visor, spoiler, towing apparatus, etc. to make the car even more versatile and have a greater appeal. I also would want to make "business customizations" available. For example, physicians, bookbinders, computer technicians, or salesmen would be able to drive a car without rear seats, and would likely make a better impression upon their customers than if they were driving a small van or hatchback. I would also want to consider offering the option to remove rear windows, giving the car an uncluttered appearance, even if it is full of work materials. It could also be useful to have the option of dividing the rear area from the front seats, and maybe even offering separate climate control. If a station wagon was produced, instead of just a sedan, business customizations could be offered to convert the vehicle into a delivery van, hearse, or if offered with right side drive and additional mirrors, maybe even postal use, as the USPS is currently looking for a viable and practical way to replace custom built 30 year old trucks.

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Community High School
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Comments on this project

Evan Mai 13 December 2016 22:58:08
Great technical thinking and drawing! Your knowledge of automotive history lends great insight to your designs, but try to re-imagine a car based on your criteria of a modest luxury commuting/touring vehicle. Define your concept and describe it visually. You may find a new solution that pays tribute to iconic american sedans and also defies convention. Aerodynamics are an important consideration but dont make assumptions or limit your designs. Great work keep going! P.S. I'm an alumni of community high, who is your art teacher?

Railroader76 in reply to Evan Mai 21 December 2016 01:08:24
So I went back and started looking at this car not so much as just a revival of classic luxury cars, but also the purpose it would have in a modern lifestyle. What I came up with is that I would like it to be extremely customizable. Although it would be primarily for professionals and families, and therefore would have to be spacious, attractive, and incorporate elements of high end performance cars, I think it could also have potential for use by small businesses that are currently choosing between hatchbacks and vans for their fleets. The obvious problem with customization is manufacturing, but I know that manufacturers can pretty easily switch cab and bed sizes on pickup trucks, so I would think that different interiors or suspension/drivetrains would not be impossible.

P.S. I'm currently not taking an art class, but when I do I'll be taking it with Steve Coron.

Also, I just thought of one other thing. In my neighborhood, there was an unfortunate incident where a car drifted across the road and hit a tractor-trailer head on. I'm not entirely sure if this is a problem in most of the country, or just where I live, but I often see people using their phones while driving. I happened to be thinking about the acceleration of a 1931 Ford, and I got the idea of possibly installing a feature in the car that would require you to keep one hand touching the steering wheel in order to accelerate. What would you think about that? I know some drivers can steer on a straightaway using their knees, so I'm not sure if it would necessarily have the intended effect of forcing people to pay attention.

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