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2030 Chevrolet Venturer Degrick

When I was designing this car, terrain driving was the main thing I thought about. I combined the looks of an urban car and an off-road vehicle for speed, capability of driving almost anywhere, and a nice design.

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Skyline High School


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03 January 2017
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12 December 2016
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Comments on this project

Daniel Schmeckpeper 12 December 2016 16:24:32
HI Degrick, Fascinating concept. I think your first sketch is the most successful at capturing the concept you have described above. I'd love to see you try sketching this design in different perspective views next as well as continue to develop new designs with a similar "any terrain capable" feel. Keep going! You're off to a great start!

Daniel Schmeckpeper 03 January 2017 14:58:09
I'm looking forward to seeing more of your fun and exciting designs posted!

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