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2030 Chevrolet ROAD TRIPPING MechaShark

A car that has the capabilities go from pavement to gravel back roads with ease, ability to tow if needed, BUT also be sporty and luxurious.

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Waterloo West High School


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03 January 2017
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09 December 2016
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04 December 2016
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02 December 2016
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Comments on this project

Daniel Schmeckpeper 09 December 2016 21:50:30
Great start! Check out products outside of automobiles which you feel embody the aesthetic you described in your design vision, and then let them inspire your designs. Have them around you as you sketch. It always leads me in new creative directions. I can't wait to see your sketches!

Daniel Schmeckpeper 03 January 2017 14:52:33
I can't wait to see what exciting concept sketches you come up with!

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