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2030 Chevrolet Adventure Vehicle: the all-new Coronado Katie.Fromm

The Chevrolet Coronado, a crossover vehicle, is designed for the ultimate traveling experience. It's ideal for traveling anywhere requiring something tougher than a coupe, yet more luxurious than a truck.

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Greeley West High School


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14 December 2016
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Comments on this project

Daniel Schmeckpeper 09 December 2016 21:41:10
Great start! Awesome to see you already have a very defined concept. Sounds like a fun car to design! If I could offer one piece of advice to young artists it would be to crank out as many sketches as you can whenever there's any free moment. you won't regret it! It will pay off! Good luck. I can't wait to see more sketches.

Katie.Fromm in reply to Daniel Schmeckpeper 11 December 2016 07:35:32
Thank you very much! I'm hoping to start doing some digital sketches and renderings of my concept once I'm on winter break in a week!

Daniel Schmeckpeper 03 January 2017 14:49:48
Happy New year! I can't wait to see your exciting new designs!

Abel Sampson 17 January 2017 11:46:28
We need to see your final postings and proposal. The Semi Final stage will close on the 20th Jan at which point the GM Mentors will select the 10 Finalist.... This is your final chance to become a finalist and we need you to refine your sketches to include your exterior and interior design... Good Luck


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