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Essence of Adventure Chris Lisle

A vehicle responding to the elements magnifying your spirit of adventure. A vehicle centering around the essence of your adventure. A vehicle supporting your dreams for today and tomorrow.

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Chris Lisle

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Westfield High School


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27 January 2017
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27 January 2017
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27 January 2017
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24 January 2017
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21 January 2017
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Comments on this project

Sam Kenny 09 December 2016 18:44:35
I like the fact that it is a thought out concept, not just sketches. I like the inspiration images to relate to more of what the concept is. Inspirational images can be applied to any vehicle. Continue to work on ensuring that the inspirational images relate specifically to your design.

Chris Lisle in reply to Sam Kenny 15 December 2016 01:53:38
I appreciate your input. Thanks

Abhijeet Kumar 14 December 2016 06:04:35
Nice to see that you are owning the responsibility to redefine the adventure that makes “you” and your images for the elements of adventure are treat to the eyes. I could feel that you have gone deep into your project but I would like you to step back and revisit the project from the beginning. Your sketches looks awesome and good to see that you are quiet proficient in drawing in different views. What we would like to see more is the breadth of your exploration and then funneling to the strongest/richest idea of the lot. Hope that makes sense. Seems like you have designed the car in the first attempt which also means that you might have something stronger which is not yet sketched. It is very important in Design to exhaust you think tank and then weigh the concepts for finalizing.
I really like the details you are exploring for the mirrors and rear end, but I would appreciate if you save it for the next phase when we would have frozen a Theme. It would be really interesting to see some parallel concepts which are distinctively different yet competes with the one you have sketched out. And let the best one win. Does that sound good ? I am really happy to see the energy you are putting in, just keep going with the same intensity. All the best!

Chris Lisle in reply to Abhijeet Kumar 16 December 2016 01:53:33
Thanks, great points! I don’t feel that I designed it in the first pass but I absolutely agree I should run down some parallel ideas and not limit myself. I will try and focus on some variety and try and stay out of the weeds. I find myself liking parts and pieces of all my sketches. Do you think that is a problem? Do you see any ideas that stick out (good or bad) to you? Please don't hesitate to share any thoughts you have.

Abhijeet Kumar in reply to Chris Lisle 10 January 2017 13:13:11
Doodling Details is always a good Idea and it tells how much are you thinking about the project. Why I suggested to focus more on parallel Ideas because it will save time. Just imagine doing it for each and every concept - again it is a very good practice but takes time. Rather, do it for the final chosen theme. But I leave it to you to decide. Even I can't help myself from doing that sometime, not a big deal !

Chris Lisle in reply to Abhijeet Kumar 11 January 2017 00:35:49
Thanks for the input. I enjoyed exploring a couple options. I think I would continue to pursue developing option one with heavy influence from option 3. I feel sketching all the options has helped me focus my concept. Are there any parts or pieces that really caught your eye?
Thanks Again!

Davit 16 December 2016 05:24:39
I really like your concepts and I think the shape that you have established is perfect! I would like to see a rear view as well.

Chris Lisle in reply to Davit 19 December 2016 02:07:34
Thanks for your input. Which "shape" are you referring too? I will start posting some rear views as well as some others for each the car concepts. I am finding the rear view to be a little more difficult. Please feel free to send me any more comments you might have.

HDKdesigner 24 December 2016 17:03:01
Your first sketch for concept 2 is killer! I like the style of your ballpoint sketches a lot more than the sketches with bold black marker lines, they look more dynamic and professional to me. All three of your concepts look really good, though!

Abhijeet Kumar 13 January 2017 15:49:23
Hi Chris,
All you sketches are good. There are many to choose from, but if you could post a couple of latest sketches for the direction you are working on would help me relate things better. Also I would encourage you to put a name/number so that it will be easier for us to discuss further.
All the best !

Chris Lisle in reply to Abhijeet Kumar 14 January 2017 01:57:19
Sounds great!
My email is and my mobile number is (317)677-3580. If I don't answer right away just text me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to discussing about my project in further detail and getting to learn a little more about what you do.
Thank you!

HDKdesigner in reply to Chris Lisle 19 January 2017 04:10:48
Hey Chris, I think he meant that you should put a number on your slides so that it is easier to reference them

Máté A. 21 January 2017 00:57:17
Thanks for the nice comment on my entry!
I also really like yours, especially the theme around it and your method of sketching. Perhaps consider consolidating your 3 sketches into one final sketch. Best of luck!

HDKdesigner 21 January 2017 03:23:26
I really like where you're going with your final concept! Now that you have decided on the concept, though, I would love to see more detailed sketches like the top sketch in your last slide of designs that map out the surfaces of the car. A few of your earlier quick sketches do a great job of showing the proportions, shape, and overall feel of the whole concept, but they are a little flat and don't convey forms as well as your more detailed sketches. Some more detailed marker work and maybe even some marker+pastel would be cool to see at this point. I also have to hand it to you for cranking out the most sketches of any entry! Awesome work!

Chris Lisle in reply to HDKdesigner 24 January 2017 01:27:00
Thanks! I am going to put in some different views and try digital rendering. I defiantly will consider using marker + pastel.

Austin S 27 January 2017 02:16:02
I really like your style of drawing, especially the way you render your drawings. It gives a really rugged and badass feel to the car. You have a great way of getting your ideas out quickly, which I admire. Keep creating! P.s, I really like your design!

HDKdesigner 27 January 2017 23:09:18
Your digital stuff looks good, but it's a little soft and "air brushy." Try using a hard-edged eraser to knock the fuzzyness back in areas where there should be sharp and clean edges.

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