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Chevrolet Trax and Z71 SUV 2030 Máté A.

I'm looking to design a zero emissions car with a perfect balance of style, performance, and practicality, for both on-road and off-road adventures. It will be available in two main variants, a regular 4-door edition, and an off road Z71 edition (with enhanced off road prowess and capabilities). Inside, all models will feature the most innovative technologies and materials. All will be partially autonomous, meaning that the driver can switch between autonomous and regular driving modes. Two of the key ideas behind my design are the fully collapsible rear and passenger seats, as well as the long hood on both of the model variants. While the seats maximize practicality, the unique hood captures a timeless styling element (found in many famous Chevy models) in a time when so many cars will have short hoods. Also, with the lack of an internal combustion engine, the area below the hood can be used as a highly practical cargo area. Below are some of the sketches I've done recently for this competition, as well as some of my inspirations.

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Comments on this project

Sam Kenny 09 December 2016 18:46:39
It is great that you have inspirational images; it would behoove you to develop a concept that you know exactly what you would like to sketch around.

Máté A. in reply to Sam Kenny 10 December 2016 17:12:06
The penultimate image is my main concept for the competition.

Abel Sampson 12 December 2016 12:17:53
A agree... refining your sketches would help you to into more detail... loving your seat sketch

Máté A. 19 January 2017 04:21:24
Thank you both for the kind and helpful feedback. I recently added four fully refined sketches of a side view, interior view, and a vehicle layout, and material selections. I also went over the two previous sketches and refined those.

Chris Lisle 20 January 2017 03:40:22
I love the thought that is going into the useage of your vehicle. I also like that you have added little back drops to your drawing to give them a setting. All very cool stuff! Some thing that might help is to change your line wait in your sketches. Good luck!

Jinho So 24 January 2017 04:30:41
I love your idea about its powertrain, since it uses electronic motor, which definitely could help the vehicle when it's on off-road, since electronic motors produce their maximum torque when it's been used. Great idea and try to keep up your work-

Abhijeet Kumar 27 January 2017 22:41:52
It has been great looking at your journey so far and you have raised everyone's expectation which is a good thing. At this stage I would encourage you to nail the side view with nice pair of wheels (Use circle template for drawing the wheels). Refine the profile, roof and belt line of the car. Make the character lines work with the rest of the car. You would also like to put some emotion and love to the lines (vary the line weight and thickness). Show the rear glass a little as it will wrap around the corner of the car. The rear bumper looks little low and so is the ducktail feature connecting to the tail lamps (I feel both of them should be pulled a little higher to the level of the belt line). The roof looks great but is absolutely flat and needs a curvature and little acceleration as it comes to the front to meet the windscreen. The roof needs to have a little more meat as it makes the car look little fragile with wrap around windscreen. Once having done the side view, rework on the front perspective and rear perspective views to match up to the side view. Try to upload the stuff as early as possible so that we could move ahead and work on the final (Final) sketches. Your interior on the second page looks good but as suggested, put some love to the line work. Also you can shade the interiors as well as exteriors to bring out the form by building the contrast. Vary the gradient from light to super dark in all the sketches. Hope this helps. All the best!!!

Furthermore, you would like to prepare for your 1:1 interview with the judges likely to be held on the first of week of Feb 2017. Some of talking points could be:
1. What inspire you to design your vehicle?
2. What is your inspiration for your exterior/interior design?
3. Think about a story which tells about the uniqueness about your design, who would buy it? What age group? Target market? What preference or hobbies or lifestyle your buyer would have? Etc etc
4. What made you choose a particular layout/format (In your case SUV / Crossover)?
5. What did you learn from this experience? Is there anything new that you learnt during this competition?
6. Is there anything that surprised you during the design process (especially working with feedback)
As a suggestion, re-read the brief, read the feedback from mentors and others . . . and really focus on your adventure vehicle.

Máté A. 31 January 2017 04:47:43
Dear Mr. Kumar,
Thank you very much for the detailed and helpful advice you gave me. I am currently at work on refining my sketches to reflect the changes you suggested. I will make sure to have them up before the weekend. I'm also working on the PowerPoint presentation.

Best regards,

Flavius 01 February 2017 13:01:20

Abhijeet Kumar in reply to Flavius 01 February 2017 21:49:01
Hi !
Just want to let you know that the uploaded image is with reference to the earlier comments posted on the 27th of Jan. I took your image and did a few modifications to better explain what I spoke. Do let me know if you have any queries.
All the best!
Thanks !!

Máté A. 06 February 2017 04:21:22
Hello Mr. Kumar,
During the past couple of days, I worked very hard and made several new and improved drawings of my adventure vehicle, which I just uploaded. I also completed my presentation and will email it to the organizers tomorrow after the dry run.
Thanks for all your guidance and advice. I truly appreciate it.

Best regards,

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