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Unstoppable is a Choice JonesC7A

Looking back at the things I enjoy, the ways I spend my time and what catches my attention will help me in my design endeavors.

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Comments on this project

Darby Barber 10 December 2016 19:24:34
Amanda, I am very impressed with your creative ideas!! I think you have a really great start. It's great to see some of your work and what inspires you, I think you have a really interesting take on perspective. I look forward to hearing more about your concept and seeing some beginning sketches, you've got plenty of great ideas for the details, but right now I would try and focus on the bigger picture. For example, what kind of adventure vehicle are you interested in creating? What does it do - how does it influence the passengers experience/adventure? Keep in mind that adventure can mean many different things, think outside the box. I'm excited to see how you incorporate your inspiration and experiences into your concept. Keep up the great work!


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