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Adventure Fish - Car Concept Demetria Hodges

This is a three wheeled, solar powered, three person off-road vehicle. The windows serve as the doors, the engine is located in the back, luggage will go behind the seats.

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Comments on this project

Abel Sampson 12 December 2016 15:32:04
Demetria .... great start.. what about the interior... what would the living space be like?

Jonghyuk Park 13 December 2016 20:00:28
Great advanced concept. You are very good at sketches. You have good pencil drawing skills, and I like you did background on the sketches. How did you sketch Fiat strada which is not in US market?
On the concept, even though you have images, it will be better if you provide explanation about why this car called fish-car, and using 3wheels. Does it have amphibious capability? You have really unique idea. It will be better you explain all the reasons of unique things. Next step will be thinking about who will buy this car, and ride with whom. What style they will like? Always keep in mind user profile.
Keep up the good work!

Demetria Hodges in reply to Jonghyuk Park 14 December 2016 17:24:32
Thank you!
The Strada was based off of an image that my Graphic Design teacher had pulled up. I'm not sure where she found the image though.
The three wheels will help promote stability and improve fuel economy with room for a smaller engine. The three wheels will also increase aerodynamic ability. It would be a very fast car.
As for riders, I'm aiming for the young adult age group. I'm wanting my car to appeal to those who want to "live on the edge".
I'll keep working on this design.
Thank you for your input!

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