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2030: A revolution in Adventure silvercenturion51

My goal is to design an adventure vehicle that gives people the ultimate thrill of driving while also being stylish and practical at the same time. My vehicle is intended to be able to aid people with their adventures by carrying whatever materials they may need to carry. Additionally, the vehicle is designed to be able to go off road but still maintain the maneuverability and agility it has on paved road. My inspiration comes primarily from crossover and large SUVs and occasionally from some technologically advanced cars such as the Chevy Volt or BMW i8.

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Comments on this project

Evan Mai 13 December 2016 20:16:25
Your design objectives make sense and it's good that you're trying different proportions. Keep practicing and try your next ones on blank paper. Its good to see these concept cars, but remember to ask yourself what will concepts look like in 10 years? Good work, keep it up!

silvercenturion51 in reply to Evan Mai 14 December 2016 00:41:22
Thanks! I'll try to consider what the concepts may look like in the next decade for future work.

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