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2030 Off Road Adventures Vehicle Design TNZ01

Adventure gives people a rush that nothing else does. My goal is to create a design that incorporates practicality, style, comfort, space, and fun.

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Comments on this project

Evan Mai 13 December 2016 19:20:13
Therese, Great start to your process and inspiration. Your intent is outlined and well founded by your narrative, just don't let it restrain you; read into those first inspiration images and create usage-scenarios from the trips you've planned . Your initial sketch is honest and pragmatic, but take a step back and look less at what already exists. 2030 may look very different, and there's evidence that anything is possible! please practice drawing with pencil to sharpen your skills and keep up the good work!

TNZ01 in reply to Evan Mai 08 January 2017 23:27:41
Thank you so much. I'm so sorry that I haven't responded sooner but I've been on break and have been off of my computer for a week or so now. I have, however been thinking of some design ideas and will be sketching them out for the next couple of days. Again thank you so much!

TNZ01 in reply to Evan Mai 15 January 2017 18:24:31
Hello again! I have been trying to get my thoughts down on paper but I just can't get it down the right way. I'm not sure how to make this process easier and was wondering if you had any tips. Thank you!

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