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2030- A car to interact with nature Yuchan Lee

A nature photographer can't take photos of good scenes while driving. But, this electric autonomous vehicle has the cameras installed outside the car, which allows taking photos on the move.

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Comments on this project

Ryan 21 November 2017 16:35:32

Junia Lapp 30 November 2017 19:25:31
Wow!!! I Love your presentation and concept Idea. If you think in 2030 an Electric Autonomous vehicle. What the user inside the car can do for his entertainment? The Photographer Buyer profile allows to imagine this vehicle like a "Camera" in motion. Is not the camera in the photographer hands but the photographer inside the camera. I'm curious to see how will be this interaction of the camera and the car. Next time, try to do some sketch's showing that and also how this concept can be connect with Cadillac, maybe there is an app that connects all pictures " like a Instagram for a Cadillac costumers". GOOD LUCK!!

Yuchan Lee in reply to Junia Lapp 03 December 2017 09:56:26
Thank you for your comment !

I think that the autonomous vehicles itself is too obvious in 2030 and the point is "What can the vehicle do for you?" I think the answer is it has to connect with human, civilization, and nature and become a networking device, not just simply a "car" or "transportation".

I'm really happy to see the word, "connect", in your comment.

Olivier Poulet 01 December 2017 17:44:53
Cool concept ! Just a quick idea to share: along with the trend of drones appearing, I wonder if your car could integrate a drone that would behave like a car "companion", a drone that could follow the car and take unique picture of the car in his environement... Why not ? We are waiting for your skecthes !

Yuchan Lee in reply to Olivier Poulet 03 December 2017 10:10:10
Thank you for your comment !

I think that cars in the future must accommodate civilization. Especially a drone is a "must" in the civilization.

So, I am trying to design a more futuristic car than we are thinking today that can possibly accommodate more ideas.

Yuchan Lee in reply to Olivier Poulet 05 December 2017 07:54:29
I have uploaded the drone I designed, so Please Check it out !

Henri Kavaja 04 December 2017 20:42:41
Fantastic Work, both on research and sketching.
The only thing I would add is try to influence the design as much ass possible with your inspirational images and the concept itself. Since the Car will be connecting with the nature maybe there is a better innovative way to visualize that connection. Think about It as part of the environment itself and not a foreign object or product.
Either way you are very talented, keep up the good work
Im excited to see what you will show us next.

Yuchan Lee in reply to Henri Kavaja 05 December 2017 07:53:16
Thank you for comment !

I was also realizing that my car does not have a solid connection with nature. I will just think that the car I am currently designing is part of nature and not a foreign object, then sketch throughout.

Thank you again for commenting !

Olivier Poulet 05 December 2017 20:25:09
That's neat ! Cool idea to make the logo becoming a drone. I think you are in the good direction.
Keep on the great work, don't hesitate to spend more time on your sketches for refinement, on details.
I see that your seats are on rails, can you develop that idea ? Do you have any specific idea for the design of your seats ? Thank you for sharing your sketches.

Yuchan Lee in reply to Olivier Poulet 09 December 2017 10:01:48
Thank you for your advice !

I am currently designing both exterior and interior.

So, I will be uploading some of my new IDEAS, EXTERIOR and INTERIOR sketches.

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