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Cadillac Concept Car 2030 McGuckin.Sean

This car has air purification filters, it has an aerodynamic body to reduce the frequency of recharging the batteries, while retaining the Cadillac design.

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Eun Hye Kang 01 December 2017 16:04:59
Wow I like your pencil sketch. It is very impressive. Try different view, and I want to know about your concept more deeply. Thank you!

McGuckin.Sean in reply to Eun Hye Kang 03 December 2017 21:44:01
Hello Ms. Kang,

Thank you for the feedback! I have finals coming up soon and a few tests this week, but I have made a sketch about the tire construction, tire rim, headlights, headlight construction, and a steering wheel sketch. I am currently working on the 500 word paper and other requirements for this phase as well as the homework, but I will try to make a sketch of another angle of the car as soon as I can! When I post the requirements and designs for this phase, should I enter it as an entree on this website or should I enter it on this website and on Car design I really appreciate your feedback!

Thank you,

Sean McGuckin

McGuckin.Sean in reply to Eun Hye Kang 04 December 2017 14:13:06
Hello Ms Kang,

What time is the deadline for this phase's entries today? I might be able to sketch another view of the car.


Sean McGuckin

Eun Hye Kang 04 December 2017 20:38:28
Today is the deadline for this phase. Good Luck!

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