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Cadillac Supercar Rocco Guerrieri

a Cadillac with not only luxury but extreme performance and power

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Comments on this project

Brian Yu 01 December 2017 19:48:38
I like your sketch style, very effective . nice mix of media, -markers and prismacolor pencils?
can you show more sketches , along with different perspective?

Rocco Guerrieri in reply to Brian Yu 08 January 2018 03:36:10
Brian, I submitted some additional perspective sketches, let me know what you think?

Junia Lapp 04 December 2017 16:02:24
Congrats Rocco,
Really nice sketches, you are talented. I really like your concept about the precision and speed. My advice try to explore more your concept and imagine in 2030 how the user will see the sportiveness in the vehicle, try also to explore the technology side regarding materials and interface. We need a Instrument panel in 2030?
Keep sketching, GOOD LUCK!!

Rocco Guerrieri in reply to Junia Lapp 05 December 2017 22:47:25
Thank you for the advice, i will take it into use for my next sketches

Rocco Guerrieri in reply to Junia Lapp 08 January 2018 03:40:14
Hi Junia, I submitted some interior and instrument panel sketches, let me know what you think?

Junia Lapp in reply to Rocco Guerrieri 12 January 2018 18:13:40
Thank you Rocco!!! I wrote my comments in my favorites sketches!! Check it out!! GOOD LUCK!!

Flavius 12 January 2018 09:16:30
feedback from Brian Yu

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