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2030 Cadillac Chasseur Night motors

A step towards a newly energized company that is reinvigorated into an exciting drive with outstanding performance. vehicle type A inter-city

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Night motors

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Design and Architecture Senior Highschool
North Miami


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10 January 2018
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Comments on this project

DJ Pomilban 19 November 2017 22:49:47
I love it

CamTheMan 20 November 2017 18:33:06
Super cool sketches! I especially love the last one with those dramatic shadows.

Eun Hye Kang 01 December 2017 15:41:17
I love your presentation. Great images, research, and concept. Your sketches are very impressive! Looks like you have good understanding of shapes and forms. I love how you try different drawing style as well! I can see your improvement from the each sketch.

Keep up the good work! Sketch lots of ideation and you will create some amazing new car designs! Thanks for posting.

Night motors in reply to Eun Hye Kang 03 December 2017 02:49:29
Thank you very much :D I'll try my best for the this phase.

Olivier Poulet 01 December 2017 17:56:40
Great entry ! I am french and when I saw your vehicle name, I thought... hum not so sure. Cadillac LE MONSTRE, well it can be too scary or too far away from Cadillac elegance standard's ;)
I like your approach, you did some researches, and you found a good connexion with Cadillac racing history, that's great ! And you're right Cadillac has something to say in the PERFOMANCE field, there is room for sporty and unique car. Keep on sketching, I like your perspective point of views, a lot of drama, very promising !

Night motors in reply to Olivier Poulet 03 December 2017 02:48:00
Thank you for replying. Yeah back in the day, they possibly called it Le Monstre because of how unorthodox it looked compared to the other race cars. Or possibly from the sound of it's engine and performance levels. None the less, the car was a real milestone in cadillac racing history. I just wanted to pay homage to it. But I do understand that this competition is for the avergage consumer :D so it won't be a full on race car. If it is possible, i want to change the name to something that sounds a bit more fitting to the cadillac elegance standards. I appreciate your advise very much :thank you for the constructive criticism.

Eun Hye Kang 10 January 2018 15:29:37
Same as Phase 1, I love your presentation!
I like your sketches and the perspective is good, too.

You have a good understanding about Cadillac form language. I can't wait to see more sketches, If you can sketch some more, go further. Imagine what could be Cadillac in 2030, would be perfect! Keep up the great work!

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