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2030 Cadillac Lx-E RJAM

Its 2030 and the future is all about electric cars and gas motors are almost extinct, The Lx-E (Luxury electric car) is perfect for inter-city traveling in luxury

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Comments on this project

Brian Yu 20 November 2017 02:16:03
I like your sketches because they are stretched long and wide for comfortable inter city travel.
I am curious to hear your story about how occupants spend time during the autonomous trip
Great post.

Junia Lapp 04 December 2017 15:55:55
Congrats for your concept, Your sketches are very cool, beautiful. You captured the Cadillac feeling, I can see that in your sketch. Try to explain more about your concept, for example the engine? Also try to show more what is happening inside the car?


Junia Lapp 12 January 2018 18:44:16
Hi Rey, if you have time, try to sketch some interior or try rendering your favorite exterior sketch!! GOOD LUCK!

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