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2030 Cadillac Vehicle Concept: XT7 Dominic.Batoha

This entry to the 2030 Cadillac Vehicle Concept challenge features the future of the Cadillac crossover: the Cadillac XT7, a driver-oriented, intercity, sporty vehicle that is adjustable for each individual.

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Lake Orion High School
Lake Orion


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Comments on this project

Dave Heyne 28 November 2017 23:29:53
Ah - the crossover. The one vehicle form factor that will come for us all one day, unsatisfied until all things - from purses to porta-johns - are also crossover. Will we submit ourselves to the relentless hordes, or reject their comfort and pragmatism, only to be purged? All persons, places, and things are crossover now. There is nothing else to know.

So in this hellscape you speak of, where I am a crossover, my family is comprised of crossovers, living in one great big crossover, feasting on crossover, binge-watching crossover, and sleeping on crossover, what will save me from deep, impending mental break of infinite uniformity?

"Sporty Crossovers! See, it's not so bad!" he says, with an empty smile, privately menaced by a realization that he can't remember what a tree looks like anymore. Whole forests. "Crossovers now" he mutters.

So, I guess it's cool that you're sowing the seeds of a crossover-based end-time with your entry. It's fine. I'm sure it'll be fine.

Your first sketch is a great start (great sketches, by the way - very advanced for your experience). I like the clean confidence of its overall shape, its Escala-esque DLO opening, and its slab bodyside. I like that you're getting adventurous with your taillight graphic, but it needs a little refinement.

Make sure your crossover conveys its sportiness with a long hood, low slopping roofline, and maybe a fastback shape. Your proportion is communicating a smaller car right now - maybe look to the likes of the Range Rover Velar, and it's Jag sibling, the F-Pace, to get a sense of how to convey that athleticism and drama in a Crossover form factor.

Can't wait to see more of these nice sketches, and watch this design unfold. Thanks for posting!

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