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#Cadillac GT Armstrong Poly180

Designing the Cadillac of 2030

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Academy of Tucson High School


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Comments on this project

Junia Lapp 30 November 2017 19:07:16
Hi Timothy,
First I'm impressed with your presentation, you thought in a lot of details. The Vertical headlamp and the edges.
I like the GT Armstrong Idea "To go far you need a vision", did you transform a Luxury Car into a "Muscle" Luxury Car. Congrats for your effort to build in 3D. Your concept have a good proportion. I would like to know more about your concept, what type of engine, will be electric? And about the interior? for this experience in 2030 we still need a display or will be other technology. Explore more and keeping sketch. You are very talented. I can't wait to see more. GOOD LUCK!!

Poly180 in reply to Junia Lapp 26 December 2017 17:45:37
Thanks for the encouragement and advice! There are some new slides, which correspond to phase II of the project, I made sure to answer your questions about the Cadillac GT Armstrong in those slides. :)

Brian Yu 04 December 2017 00:33:41
great 3d models! wanting to see you explore more with sketches, At this stage, we want you to sketch lots of designs and ideas . I appreciate seeing orthographic sketches, your 3/4 front and rear view sketch can use wider stance.

Poly180 in reply to Brian Yu 26 December 2017 17:41:57
Thanks for the advice, I am and will be doing some more sketches. :) Also I have updated the blueprints for the Cadillac GT Armstrong with more preciseness and details than the original orthographic views, I hope you will like them.

Brian Yu 02 January 2018 22:06:49
Once again, your 3d modeling is exciting, well proportioned and with enough details, That is great part, Now , It takes more than putting together 3d surfaces to be a automotive designer.
Your latest pages of 3d rendered images look like computer drew them because,,,,,they are.
there's nothing wrong with it if your interest is becoming an 3d modeler.
Designer role in our industry is slightly different.
You must be able to "Draw" beautiful and compelling cars - either manually or on digital tablet_- like you did in earlier stages.

My suggestion is , since you have overall form of the vehicle defined in 3d, you can sketch right over the rendered image for further refinement.

I will try to send you an example of how to take one of your digital rendered shots and use it to explore / refine your concept by manually sketching over it.

Flavius in reply to Brian Yu 04 January 2018 14:08:47
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Olivier Poulet 04 January 2018 18:07:01
Cool work with the 3D ! You spent a lot of time creating details and finishing properly your model, that's great.
Maybe you went too quickly on the model, usually it's good to spend some time making renderings before modeling to fine tune and refine your design. But it's not too late, like Brian said, you still can sketch over a screenshot and start adjusting your lines, your graphics, etc.
Cool stuffs and good luck with the competition.

Junia Lapp 12 January 2018 15:29:53
Hello Timothy,
I really like the user scenario that you created, I can imagine the users having fun inside the car. The idea that allows you change the colors of the car also it is very innovative. Imagine if the car paint has micro OLED's , will be really futuristic. Also you offer a lot options to make the experience inside the car richer. I notice you propose an "APP" switch in your interior, for the next I would like to see more interior details. DO you believe will be display or holograms? Do you believe we still have Interior Instrument Panel or will be VR experience like driving a Gran Turismo Sport? How the game experience can be a luxury experience also? Explore more!! Congrats for your 3D models and GOOD LUCK!!

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