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2030 Cadillac “Cuttlefish” Concept Zhuoyao Chen

Short travel within city limit Cuttlefish subcompact design

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Comments on this project

Brian Yu 04 December 2017 00:44:11
that sliding door concept can be helpful in tight parking spaces . I really like your thought process so far. can't wait to see more sketches . Great sketches by the way.

Junia Lapp 04 December 2017 15:43:28
Hi Zhuoyao Chen,
First CONGRATS for you sketches!!! You have a beautiful sketch trace, don't stop to practice. We use to get a car image as reference and sketch on top, that help us to improve the car perspective and training our eyes. About your concept, I like the "Cuttlefish" name, because you can bring some Cadillac Vintage DNA to your concept, in 2030 all our problem with traffic in big city will increase even more and is good way to explore the compact size and all versatility, convenience for the users. Your presentation was clear, my recommendation, keep sketching and just to push forward, do we actually need to have a door? Or we can use other material or technology.

Brian Yu 04 January 2018 23:13:46
Hi Zhuoyao
It's been a while since you uploaded last sketches, Do you have more sketches/ ideas?
Sooner you post more sketches, better chance of getting helpful inputs from mentors.

Zhuoyao Chen in reply to Brian Yu 10 January 2018 06:45:55
hello Mr. Yu
First I want to say thank you for your reminder and attention for my project. I was on vacation travel last few weeks and got some issue with accessing internet. I just upload some front view pieces, trying to bring my car's front a sense of aggression.

Brian Yu 10 January 2018 22:21:58
Thanks for posting, one comment, car's front faces on the latest sketches don't seem to fit Cadilalc design language , they feel more like Chevy or Scion, probably front graphics are very horizontal,
It would be better if it has some vertical elements whether it's head lamp, air intake etc.

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