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2030 - Redefining Luxury Jinho So

A city vehicle that adapts the most advanced technologies of electronic hub motor power train and autonomous driving while retaining Cadillac's signature design language.

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Comments on this project

Dave Heyne 16 November 2017 22:59:45
Gorgeous, professional-looking deck with great inspiration! Can't wait to see some sketches and thoughts to go with it.

Just as your deck has made a strong visual statement of luxury, so should the Cadillac you'll design.

Thanks for posting, and keep elevating that aesthetic!

Jinho So in reply to Dave Heyne 16 November 2017 23:20:46
I appreciate your advice and I'm glad that you like the aesthetic of my entry. I'm mainly focusing on refining concept (combining city car factor and luxury) and sketching, that includes Cadillac's design identity. Again, thank you for your feedback.

Gayoung Shin 17 November 2017 18:56:58
Hi Jinho, I like the inspiration images. I think you have good sense of finding images to fit your concept. Your board easliy tell your concept.
Using those good images, start with sketches. It is good starting!
Good luck!

Thank you.

Jinho So in reply to Gayoung Shin 17 November 2017 22:48:55
Thanks for your input. I'm planning on adding one or two inspiration image slides and sketches, so that I can show my concept of my design and where my design was inspired from.

Brian Yu 20 November 2017 02:02:57
Compact luxury could be a new standard of luxury, especially in setting like Manhattan.
Making smaller vehicles look Luxurious is not an easy task . The inspirational elements seem to fit your concept so far. Beautiful line works on your sketches. Looking forward to see more.

Jinho So in reply to Brian Yu 20 November 2017 02:33:38
I appreciate for your input that reminds me to think how I should incorporate my concept into the vehicle's design. I am planning to keep Cadillac's identity in a compact vehicle using bold, sophisticated lines as I mentioned in inspiration board to create a luxury sense in a compact vehicle along with some interior ideations. Thank you for your feedback.

Robin Krieg 01 December 2017 17:48:48
Redefining luxury mobility for an urban setting is a very relevant issue for the industry. With the rise of car sharing and autonomous vehicles, what will set luxury brands apart? It's a great opportunity to challenge the conventional ways people interact with their cars and the Cadillac brand.

With that, I am intrigued by what I am starting to see on your second sketch page. The proportions start to challenge the perception of luxury and hint at new ways for the occupants to be arranged inside the car.

The line work is excellent with good looseness and flow. I think your inspiration imagery is also spot on, with a theme of minimal elegance.. I want to see more of that inspiration in the forms and lines in your sketches. You can keep it very simple and often that ends up looking more expensive. Remember that materials and finishes play a big role in how premium a car feels.

Jinho So in reply to Robin Krieg 04 December 2017 01:25:21
Thank you for your input. I acknowledge the fact that defining luxury in a compact vehicle is not something that is conventional, but I truly believe that this new segment will fulfill the requirements that future businessmen/businesswomen want.
I'm currently working on finalizing my design, adding details to basic form and sketching. And I will incorporate your advice into my design, which is keeping minimalistic form, but defining luxury as a Cadillac.

Olivier Poulet 04 December 2017 21:30:13
Your presentation is very clean and well built.
You have some cool sketches with a good pencil technic. The last two pages with speedform doodles are interesting. They look very dynamic, I just wonder how you will fit passengers inside.
Your concept is very promising though, keep on the good work !

Jinho So in reply to Olivier Poulet 05 December 2017 13:12:54
I appreciate your input. I will work on the sketches that show how I wil fit the passengers inside along with some more exterior sketches.

Eun Hye Kang 10 January 2018 15:09:19
I love your concept and inspiration. It is very clean and easy to understand.
Nice sketches! Your use of pencil as a quick way to show form is a great technique which will allow you to create well defined sketches quickly.
I can see your various ideation from each page of sketches. I suggest that you need to start thinking which direction you will go, and refine it. You can better describe your design with the different view and little more detailed sketches. Keep up the great work!

Jinho So in reply to Eun Hye Kang 13 January 2018 00:33:06
Thank you for commenting. I'm planning to upload final sketches which incorporate more detailed design features and refined tonight. Again, thanks for reminding me to refine my design.

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