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2030 Taking Back The Streets BryceDoesArt

This also includes other drawings and sketches I have done. As you can see I do a lot of different things. I prefer black and white drawings done with pencil or sharpie.

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Fayette High School


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13 December 2016
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12 December 2016
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02 December 2016
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Comments on this project

Abel Sampson 12 December 2016 16:37:47
Hi Bryce, what would your super hero adventure vehicle look like

Jonghyuk Park 13 December 2016 19:20:05
You have a great pen and pencil sketching ability. I can feel your enthusiasm for drawings and art. As you mentioned, I do like black and white drawings. You are very good at figure drawing and typo graphic design.
It will be great if you can apply your awesome sketch skills into automobile design. I can’t wait to see how you draw cars. From your Iron-man sketch, I can see you will be good at sketch of machines.
I’m looking forward to see your car drawing. Great work! Keep going

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