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2030 Cadillac Rivale Concept electrox

This car represents the future of super cars, bringing performance and practicality never seen before. Rivale also means to rival in Italian, signifying this car's threat to European super car giants.

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Canyon Crest Academy
San Diego


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Comments on this project

Dave Heyne 01 December 2017 15:55:22
Definitely keep sketching, spinning the car in a number of views. Pay special attention to your proportions, and look to other modern supercars for pointers.

Right now, I'm really drawn to the Cadillac sketch you have on your 8th slide marked "previous work". I like the clean, minimalist surfacing with small, focal areas of triangulated sculpture (like the air intakes on the bodyside, or your sideskirt executions). Your more recent sketches loose the visual cleanliness of the older sketch.

The vertical lighting signature is distinctly Cadillac. Experiment with how you convey it front and rear for a fresh look.

Great work, and keep the sketches coming! Thanks for posting.

electrox 01 December 2017 21:22:39
Thanks for the feedback! I have noticed as well that my designs became more crowded and am working on cleaning it up. I should be uploading my new sketches soon along with some plan views.

Henri Kavaja 01 December 2017 21:50:17
Fantastic start. From the two views you understand form and proportion well on top of your concept. The front 3/4 shows a lot of cool features and so does the rear 3/4. Can't wait to so more of your sketches and dont be afraid to spin the car around even more, maybe even some top views. Overall good start, and looking forward to seeing more.

Gayoung Shin 01 December 2017 22:28:32
Hi! It is a great concept and good start! I think you have very solid direction what you want to design.
Also you have very good understanding the design process. i can see how you incorporate your inspirations into your design and your inspirations are really good choice.
Good work. Keep it up!

Thank you.

Chris Mikalauskas 04 December 2017 13:42:33
Nice energy in the sketches! Keep exploring new perspectives to draw in and think about what the car would really look like in 3D. This will help you spin the car in different views and gain confidence quicker!

Olivier Poulet 12 January 2018 20:01:40
You have some cool sketches, many different views, it demonstrates you start understanding how to build a car in 3D, that's great. I would encourage you to go further by sketching sections, that will help you understanding surfaces and volumes. I like your dashhboard proposal, especially the Console - Dashboard connection, I think that creates a good driver oriented cockpit for your supercar. Good luck with the competition !

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