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The Cadillac Empezar tracey

The Cadillac Empezar is the new beginning of Cadillac high performance and fuel efficiency. In Spanish "Empezar" means beginning because this is a new beginning for Cadillac super cars.

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Mount de Sales Academy


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28 January 2018
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28 January 2018
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28 January 2018
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27 January 2018
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27 January 2018
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Comments on this project

tracey 08 November 2017 01:14:37
I'm still working on the skecthes
I did the ones on notability

Dave Heyne 08 November 2017 16:24:26
Great sketches. I feel like you have a good handle on Cadillac's form vocabulary, as little of what you've sketched feels off-brand. I really like your GT-car proportion, with its miles of dash-to-axle.

Moving forward, try to simplify your form vocabulary. Maybe use the Escala concept as an example of a simpler, more confident take on Cadillac's design language.

Also, look into ways to bring pressure sensitivity to your digital sketches. Those particular sketches are my favorites, for their cleanliness, but they'd be much better if you had more control over the opacity, thickness, and taper of lines that you'd get in a hand sketch.

Thanks for posting, and I look forward to more.

tracey in reply to Dave Heyne 09 November 2017 02:36:05
Thanks for the feedback
What parts of my sketches seem unoriginal or off-brand ?

Can you give me an example of pure sensitivity?

What do you mean by pure sensitivity?

I do my digital sketchs on notability. Do you now any other softwares for digital sketching ?

Brian Yu 12 November 2017 02:19:22
Hi Tracey

You seem to have great sense of proportion and stance of car and great interest in automobile
If you are familiar with all those parts called out on your side view sketch, you are an enthusiast!
Love the v16 - I assume, or is it a straight 8?

I don't know if you can control "pressure sensitivity" in notability. do you use a tablet pen?
Photoshop, Sketchbook pro, studio paint are some of the most commonly used software in our field

link below explains more about pressure sensitivity of a digital tablet pen

tracey in reply to Brian Yu 14 November 2017 21:32:22
Thanks for the feedback

What parts of my sketches feel unoriginal ?

I'm going to keep on sketching ideas

Brian Yu in reply to tracey 01 December 2017 18:25:46
nice new set of sketches, great part - your design is well balanced and proportioned
not so great part - design seems like it is for today's. Keep in mind that this car is for year 2030
Things can be alot different 12 years from now. I think you can put more "reach" into your design , shake things up a little . that's one of the ways to come up with original concept

tracey in reply to Brian Yu 02 December 2017 17:41:13
Thanks for feed back does this design seem more futuristic.

Brian Yu in reply to tracey 03 December 2017 23:05:33
yes it does, hey, your next one - the one with revers angled nose -looks sleek, I personally like that one even better. one more suggestion for you, I noticed most of your sketches are done digitally, try sketching manually also, (good ol pen and pencil on paper). that'll get you loosen up with line strokes and come up with even more dynamic lines. I appreciate your enthusiasm and energy.

Michael Jibola 18 November 2017 04:57:21
bro you won

Junia Lapp 04 December 2017 21:08:32
Wowww!!! Congrats for your sketches!!! I love the steering Wheel sketch transforming in the self drive mode!! Push more forward!! Keep sketching!! GOOD LUCK!!!

tracey in reply to Junia Lapp 08 December 2017 20:23:28
Thank you

Máté A. 26 December 2017 04:10:36
Really nice flowing design and technical side view (with all the details). Perhaps you could try adding reflections/highlights to the bodywork.

Good luck!

Flavius 08 January 2018 15:10:15

Brian Yu in reply to Flavius 08 January 2018 16:43:01
Tracey, above is my comment/suggention regarding adding more dimension and definition to the form

tracey in reply to Brian Yu 10 January 2018 00:53:22
Thank you for your suggestions, does this rendering have better dimension, light, shadow, and definition? Did I section the surfaces and fix the rear wheel? Should I work on more renderings?

Brian Yu in reply to tracey 11 January 2018 16:31:59
need more controlled "gradiation" on your highlight, especially the one on the hood looks like a white strip. Overall It feels muddy, At this point, I would say, don't spend too much time rendering.
You have tons of ideas, Spend more time choosing the right design / refining for your intent
Your blue lightings are getting too thick, Thinner lighting strip looks more technical . In my previous overlay, I was indicating some thin to thick movement of the lighting

Zmoney 13 January 2018 01:44:15
hey tracey, one of the mentors accidently commented on mine but it was meant for you.

HDKdesigner 20 January 2018 04:55:14
Congrats on making it to the final phases of the contest! And, props to you for having three times more sketches than anyone else, that is something that the mentors and judges will definitely notice and appreciate. My advice to you at this point in the contest is to finalize a design. Now that you have generated a lot of ideas, pick one or two of your favorites and develop it for the remainder of the contest. I would recommend overlaying whichever sketch you chose to develop to make it easier to make small changes and improvements. Good luck!

tracey in reply to HDKdesigner 21 January 2018 02:41:17
Thank you for your suggestions. I plan to choose two designs to finalize for the contest. I’m going to create a different section for the final sketches for this phase. Should I work on more interior sketches and rendering?

HDKdesigner in reply to tracey 27 January 2018 20:30:23
Definitely focus on exterior sketches first, but, if you have the time, work on some interior sketches and renders too.

tracey in reply to HDKdesigner 28 January 2018 22:45:43
I have been working on exterior sketches. I will plan to work on additional interior sketches if I have time.

MasonTRoss 22 January 2018 00:33:16
Geaat work so far! You definitely have a very dramatic drawing style that suits the design very well. I noticed something that I mentioned to ben as well, is to make sure it pays some kind of reference to modern cadillacs, whether it be vertical head/taillights or the signature grill, I think it could make the design seem more like a Cadillac, even without a badge

tracey in reply to MasonTRoss 28 January 2018 22:40:50
Thank you for your suggestions about paying tribute to the modern Cadillac. Good Luck!

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