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2030 Chevrolet Adventure Vehicle HDKdesigner

A modular and adaptable vehicle that perfectly suits any adventure on any terrain and has enough room to bring whatever and whomever you want to share your epic adventures with. Where will your adventure take you in 2030?

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Mount de Sales Academy
college freshman


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Comments on this project

Sam Kenny 12 December 2016 15:09:27
Wow HDK, Killer work! I love that you created a presentation which both showcases your design intent as well as the mood of the project. Your sketches look good too. Something I would consoder going forward is doing sketches that show both the style of the car, as well as its function, I can see that with the expanding camper, but it is a good idea that for each functionality idea you have(sealed electronics etc) You show how that impacts the appearence of the car. Again awesome work, keep it up!

HDKdesigner in reply to Sam Kenny 18 December 2016 19:10:45
Thanks Sam! Do you have any examples that show function impacting appearance? I think I know what you're looking for, but an example or two would be helpful and make sure I'm not over-thinking your advice. In the meantime, I've been working on different front end designs, trying to push the concept further into the future and to explore/strengthen brand identity. When you get the chance, I would appreciate it if you could check out my last few sketches to see if I'm headed in the right direction. Thanks again for the kind words and great advice!

Chris Lisle 24 December 2016 19:20:36
Thanks for your comments. You have gotten really good at Photoshop rendering since camp. Those sketches are sweet. I really like the page were you used blue colored pencil and did the three different views. Maybe try to do detail sketches and/or try different design paths.

Li-Cheng Hsu 16 January 2017 16:35:22
Wow I love your mood boards and the images! Your sketches are very impressive! Looks like you have good understanding of shapes and forms. I love how you try different drawing style as well! To me the 5th for the last(the one above 3 blue sketches, love those too!) wins my heart. I like the stance of it. The refined edges and surfaces. It looks adventurous and fresh!

HDKdesigner in reply to Li-Cheng Hsu 16 January 2017 23:20:36
Thanks! I'm glad that you like my work so far. I do really like the stance of the sketch you mentioned, the only problem I have with it is that it doesn't have a very strong sense of brand identity. I'll try to mess around with that one a little more and see if I can add in some more Chevy design cues and refine the surfaces further. Thanks again for your comments!

Katie.Fromm 18 January 2017 03:59:34
Really love your concept! I think it's awesome that you included elements really characteristic of Chevrolet design, like in the taillights. Shows you are really considerate and careful in what you are doing!

HDKdesigner in reply to Katie.Fromm 18 January 2017 12:38:37
Thanks! I'm glad you like it

David Park 23 January 2017 22:00:03
nice sketches and I like your concept! but I think there is too many image on inspiration part. And I think your design can be more futuristic

HDKdesigner in reply to David Park 24 January 2017 12:47:37
You can never have too much inspiration. I've been trying to push the design into the future and there is definitely room to take it further, but trucks are relatively hard to futurize when you consider how slowly their design changes over time.

Austin S 23 January 2017 23:28:23
Wow!! Your work is absolutly stunning. Your extremely talented especially with using photoshop, however you also have a huge pencil on paper rendering skill. I love the attention to detail, it helps you express the emotions of the design very nicely. The only thing I would recommend is to maybe widen the rear wheels a bit, giving the car a bit more aggressiveness to it. Keep up the great work!! Definetaly one of the strongest entries I've seen.

HDKdesigner in reply to Austin S 24 January 2017 12:41:04
I'm glad you like it! I'm pretty happy with the width of the rear tire in my key sketches, but I'm sure the width is off in some of my ideation stuff.

Chris Lisle 24 January 2017 01:34:32
Hey thanks for the comments. Wow! You have really been cranking out sketches. They look great! The thing I would watch is that your A pillar on you interior sketch is more angled than on your exterior sketches. Other than that I really like what your doing on the inside.

HDKdesigner in reply to Chris Lisle 24 January 2017 12:35:57
Thanks Chris. The A-pillar matches some of my sketches, but I'll make sure that the angle is the same when I finalize the design.

MasonTRoss 25 January 2017 04:23:37
Wow! Amazing work here. I really liked the designs with the more smoothed out grills, and I think you definitely nailed the Chevy design language here.

HDKdesigner in reply to MasonTRoss 27 January 2017 15:10:41
Thanks! I'm glad everyone seems to like the versions with smooth grilles since I chose one of those versions for my final design direction.

Darby Barber 25 January 2017 20:52:57
HDK - great work so far! As I'm sure you are aware, you have been selected to move onto the final stage along with 9 other students - this will be your final opportunity to submit your best work for the judging on February 8th. During this time I encourage you to work on and refine your concept.

Exterior design: really focus on developing and refining the exterior of your adventure vehicle. You mentioned it is modular - try to think of new and creative ways to achieve this. Are the modules collapsible/detachable from the vehicle - or something that you would have to install at home? (like a typical truck cap) You also mentioned it is electric and powered by solar panels - where are these panels incorporated? Do they influence the look of the truck? Since there is no internal combustion engine, is there a new use for the space under the hood?

Interior design: How would the interior enhance the adventure? For example, if the vehicle is autonomous, how would the passengers use the interior space? Would the seating arrangement give way to allow sleeping quarters, or maybe open up into the truck bed to create a larger space?

These are all questions to ask yourself when creating your concept. My strongest advice would be to make sure that your adventure brief can be clearly recognized in your design.

A few other key points to keep in mind:
Who is your target customer?
What features does your vehicle have that can enhance the adventure?

Some things to think about/include:
What made you choose this type of vehicle for your Chevy adventure concept?
What did you learn from this experience?
What surprised you the most about the competition?

I look forward to seeing your updated presentation - best of luck!
(I will be checking in periodically and encourage you to upload in-progress work for feedback, you don't need to wait until the deadline to upload new work!)


HDKdesigner in reply to Darby Barber 27 January 2017 15:11:57
Thanks for the advice Darby! I'll be sure to consider and work on each one of the points you mentioned.

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