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2030 Cadillac Galivanter CamTheMan

An electric & autonomous hatchback that will change the outdated ideas of luxury. Provides an immersive riding experience for discovering the world around you.

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Comments on this project

Junia Lapp 02 November 2017 17:44:34
Nice concept idea and presentation. Congrats for the sketch's also. What this user wants in 2030, will be a sharing "luxury" experience or will be a "solitary" luxury experience. Who will be the users and what they expect as unique experience. Explore more and keeping sketching.

I really like the name "Galivanter" , think also about the user experience, if you Look the sky (as your image inspiration shows)) I can use some technologies as augmented reality to show the stars orientation for example. Good Luck

CamTheMan in reply to Junia Lapp 02 November 2017 20:56:31
Hey thanks for the great feedback and questions!

What I really want to do with the Galivanter is unite all those who are curious about the natural world through a sharable riding experience. I could see my friends and I taking it out for a camping trip or a drive across the country. But even more importantly, I want to connect people to nature through the car. For me that means a warm and organic theme that combines the elements of nature with a comfortable riding experience.

Also I absolutely love the idea about the augmented reality. I really want to push the idea of a glass roof and large windows to incorporate the sky into the car. The greenhouse would act as a screen almost that can show a multitude of things such as constellations positions, movies, pictures, the list goes on!

Dave Heyne 03 November 2017 20:20:30
Taking Cadillac outdoorsy feels a little uncharacteristic, and that kind of intrigues me. I moved to Michigan and couple years ago, and now have access to all this beautiful nature just a few hours in any direction. I want to go and experience it, but I've never really been an outdoorsy person, and the discomfort of conventional, minimalist camping is a little bit of a road block.

What features and experiences can your Cadillac deploy to make nature accessible and comfortable to someone who's lived their whole life in city's and their immediate suburbs? How might you be able to even elevate this experience into a truly luxurious one? Maybe even look into the "glamping" fad of a few years ago, and see if there's something you can glean.

Also, I liked your Pontiac Aztek cameo.

Thanks for posting!

CamTheMan in reply to Dave Heyne 06 November 2017 04:05:59
I definitely agree that Cadillac and the outdoors are two things that most would never put together, and that's what gets me so excited about this project. I feel like this is a chance to bring the expected luxury and the latest technology associated with Cadillac, and sell it to a new and more adventurous crowd.

To do this I think that there are three important aspects to offering comfort and luxury; climate control, sleeping arrangements, and technological integrations. Sleeping outside in forty degree weather is fun but... what if all your heating/cooling was laid out inside your car to shelter you from the elements. Additionally, what if the seats you rode up in conveniently folded into a cozy bed to be enjoyed at night. And last but not least, what if your phone had instant control over your destination, speakers, room temperature, and even the ceiling display. While still being able to explore the outdoor realm around you, you could still always seek comfort in the Galivanter. Sacrilegious to traditional camping? Yes. But enjoyable for those who aren't quite as outdoorsy? Also yes.

(Side note; It's nice to see someone that appreciates the amazing quirkiness of the Aztek)

Thanks for the feedback!

Brian Yu 11 November 2017 22:51:32
I like the use of quick marker strokes to indicate volume of your sketch ( page 3), also, awesome thumbnail sketches. Keep those sketches coming.
For sure, this is a new category of luxury for Cadillac , setting you up for a change to come up with really unique design.

Olivier Poulet 01 December 2017 18:20:33
When I read "Galivanter" a person who goes off or travels around in search of amusement fun or nature. I immediately see a perfect customer for CHEVROLET. Chevy baseline is : "Find new roads"

But there is probably a way to create an unique experience around your concept. I like your exterior sketch page 4, I would encourage you to pursue inside the car, what makes your interior design even more interesting ? I like your foldable idea, but maybe there is a way to create some kind of exclusive interior, a sort of luxurious lounge that combines outdoor experience and comfort.

Henri Kavaja 01 December 2017 21:26:31
Great work so far. I'm glad you are not afraid to sketch thru, and use some markers. Regarding the concept: When you say electric and autonomous make sure you illustrate that in your sketches, dont just sketch a regular hatchback and make sure you take advantage of the concept (outdoors, off-road, explore, configurable), especially if the Vehicle is autonomous and doesn't need to be driven. When you sketch fronts , think about different ways to utilize the frontal area considering a grille wont be needed. Overall very good start, keep up the good work.

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