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2030 Cadillac concept idea. To go beyond the limit. kev_designs

designated for the people who are tired of driving an ordinary car. the car with an all-purpose performance car. A Cadillac Suv that is designed for next-gen comfort travel.

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Cresskill High School
New Jersey


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27 December 2017
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Comments on this project

Dave Heyne 03 November 2017 19:34:11
Good information dump! You bring up a challenging, and often overlooked phase in the autonomous car timeline: the gap between our cars today (even ones that pretend to drive themselves) and the vodka-bar-on-wheels of the not-so-distant future. What does that transitional space look like? One where I can drive myself sometimes, and rely on self-driving features sometimes? How do you do this without leaning on iRobot-era cliches of collapsing steering wheels ( Maybe a new set of drive controls, and a new interior layout are in order? Maybe use these prompts to challenge your project.

Thanks for posting, and I look forward to more.

kev_designs in reply to Dave Heyne 04 November 2017 17:54:01
Thank you for the reply and suggestions! I really like solving challenging things, so I think I will spend my time solving the autopilot interior design concept for few days. I was thinking about Tesla interior, maybe that will help me out a little. Thank you for the helpful prompt!

Eun Hye Kang 08 November 2017 14:48:20
Good concept. It is perfect time to think about next level of driving experience. I can't wait to see your interior ideations. From your inspiration images, you are thinking right way. We can do various things in the autonomous driving car not like these days. Think about what people are going to do in the car, and how it can be reflected into car interior design.

kev_designs in reply to Eun Hye Kang 09 November 2017 03:24:14
Thank you for your impression and suggestions! I have been thinking about the interior design for few days and I think I got an idea of how it's going to work out. Maybe my idea is going to be too much far into the future but I think it is ok because technologies are developing very fast. Thank you for the reply.

Olivier Poulet 15 November 2017 14:05:51
I like your interior skecthes ! There is a good sense of space and perspective.
I would encourage you to pursue your effort in bringing more refinement. Try to reduce the thickness of your screens. TVs, cell-phones, all the screens are getting thinner and thinner, this is a trend to take in consideration.
Your door looks flat on your sketch. Try to bring more 3-dimensionnal aspects, with more sculptural shapes. Play with lights and shadows to make your volumes popping-out.
Your console looks really short, there is no console armrest ? Is there any reason ?

Good start ! Hope seeing new sketches ! Good luck with the competition.

kev_designs in reply to Olivier Poulet 15 November 2017 22:16:32
Thank you for the reply and suggestions! I have been trying to finish the sketches but it was getting delayed because of homework and tests. I will make sure to draw devices much thinner next time.
what I was trying to do for the interior was to make front seat turn back when auto-pilot mode is on. I thought deleting the console armrest was the best option for its seat to turn around. since the console armrest is also an essential key point to the interior, I think i will move it next to the seat. i will draw these ideas, so maybe that can help me to explain.

Henri Kavaja 16 November 2017 18:34:46
Hi Kev,
Your sketches are very energetic, great job.I also applaud you for having done the research needed to support your design. Keep sketching and make sure you sketch some different perspectives this way you have a better understanding of what the car wants to be.
Keep up the good work, hope to see more,

kev_designs in reply to Henri Kavaja 17 November 2017 03:19:25
Thank you very much for the compliment and advice. I will try to upload the different perspective sketches as soon as I can.

Robin Krieg 01 December 2017 18:05:14
Great start. You have one solid exterior concept already.

Now I would encourage you to explore some different proportions. Often we can settle on one idea too early. It might be right, but we still need to try other possibilities to know for sure. What if the front was shorter and back longer? What if the windshield was further forward? Are there new ways for the doors to open? I'm not saying to do these things exactly. Just examples of things to try.

Also, are there opportunities for the vehicle to change when you switch driving modes from manual to autonomous. How could the interior change? What needs will the occupant have in those different modes?

kev_designs in reply to Robin Krieg 01 December 2017 22:58:49
Thank you for the reply and suggestions! I have been trying to design a car that is unique and appealing. I drew some design that will tell the details of the car (such as interior and exterior parts). I will try to draw as many as I can and upload it.
I will make sure to look thoroughly at the designs and make changes if I see something wrong.

Chris Mikalauskas 04 January 2018 18:09:52
I like that you're getting into rendering to show the 3D forms making up the vehicle! Try and use larger brushes to establish a better sense of light source. It will also help you avoid making the image too spotty or muddy.

kev_designs in reply to Chris Mikalauskas 05 January 2018 22:00:45
Thank you for the feedback! I will make sure to use the larger brush next time! I have been trying to improve my rendering skills but i guess practice is only way to improve. I use sketchbook autodesk pro for the car design and I am starting to think that i should try out other car design apps.

Eun Hye Kang 10 January 2018 15:56:53
Wow, I love your sketches(various views and materials). You are definitely having a lot of fun when you sketch. I see a lot of passion in them. I am also impressed how much you think in that details. ( exterior, interior, headlamp, and components).

Try other materials on the line drawing. Yours may be too soft. Use hard color pencils, it helps to prevent smudging. if you use pastels, use gently, don't press hard, and rub softly to spread out evenly. Keep up the outstanding work!

kev_designs in reply to Eun Hye Kang 11 January 2018 05:58:13
Thank you for the feedback! I tried my best to draw details of interiors and exteriors. I was going to draw only exteriors but i gave interior design a try.
I usually use mechanical pencil while designing a car.. i thought of using Prismacolor premier colored pencil black and i think it will be worth it to buy.
Thank you for the design suggestions!

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