Supporting partner
  • Open Entry

    23 October - 20 November
  • Contestant

    22 November - 04 December
  • Semi-final

    05 December - 12 January
  • Final

    18 January - 29 January

About The Competition

This competition runs in four phases and is for US students only. 

Once you have entered and uploaded your work, Phase I begins.

Phase I – Open Entry

23 October – 20 November 

At this stage you need to show us what you like. First, take a look at the brief and begin thinking about the kind of car you want to design (you don't have to decide until Phase II). This part of the competition is open to everyone and we need you to upload things like images you like, sketches you admire and maybe some sketches you have done. Then the Mentors and CDN will look at everyone's collections and decide who gets to go through to the next round.

Phase II – Contestant 

22 November  – 4 December

If you have been chosen to proceed to this round, you show promise! Now the Mentors will start communicating with students. You need to decide which car (described in the brief) that you would like to work on. Then you should start drawing elements of your car, and the Mentors will be in touch to guide and assist you with this.

Phase III – Semi-Final 

5 December – 12 January 2018

Students who get through to this stage will work much more closely with the Mentors to get their designs ready for judging.

Phase IV – Final 

18 – 29 January 2018

Now the competition becomes one-to-one. Five students will get into the Final Phase. They will be guided to create a portfolio for upload to the site. After this, they will have video calls with Mentors and Judges to discuss their work and choices. The Judges will then decide who the final three winners are.

12 February 2018 – winners are announced.